• Warning: we better wake up fast! [video by Jewish Task Force & a SCARY film by Apathetic-USA.com]

Chaim Ben Pesach of JTF Speaks Out…

Jews Against Obama

A blog warning Jews and righteous gentiles about the dangers of an Obama Presidency


Warning: this film [below] is SCARY ! Apathetic America – that’s the FiLM to watch:


WATCH THIS FILM and see for yourself

direct link:

The purpose of the introduction movie clip is to get one’s attention, not to scare you. It is all based on fact and high probabilities. The “Last Gasp” part was taken from an old Reagan speech given many years ago, but I believe the theory is applicable today – maybe even more so. The High-altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse HEMP nuclear detonation part is real (refer to federal Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack 200-page report), and believe it or not, the Russians contemplated using this type of detonation against us during the Bosnia War. Like the Cuba crises, they backed off due to our retaliation ability. But, how do we retaliate against a terror cell that does not belong to a nation-state? Or, rogue states like Iran, where retaliation only means martyrdom for their leaders? Recently an Intelligence briefing to Congress suggests that Iran is currently working on such a weapon.

Our national power grid is one of our weakest points. It’s old, and just like the environmental wackos will not allow building new oil refineries, they will not allow building new transmission lines. In addition, the generating plants are required to be built many miles away from the load, another vulnerability. Also, the current transmission line system is at full capacity, with no reserve built in. Without the power grid, this nation can not survive long.

More on energy. The environmentalists on the left like to dispel the more conservative side’s “drill at home, clean coal, and nuclear power” energy plan and tout their own “wind, solar, and bio fuels energy” plan as our best energy solution. The problem with this is until there is a huge breakthrough in battery/storage technology to compensate for low periods of wind and sun; this energy source will remain only a small percentage of our total energy solution. Wind and/or solar energy farms will still require at least a 90% capacity conventional power plant to operate in parallel to compensate for these periods. Currently, it takes 1 watt of conventional power for every watt of wind/solar power generated. And, what do you do with those old wind high-maintenance generator towers? To get an idea what it may look like on the landscape, visit (or do a Google search) South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here an old wind farm exists next to a newer one. The older wind farm rusted generator tower hulks sit idle, cannibalized for parts, and present an ugly eyesore on the picturesque landscape. In addition, these wind farms require many acres of real estate. As for bio fuels, until the current drawbacks, like higher pollution, lower efficiency, less mileage, corrosiveness, crop distribution and balance with food supplies, and ability to stand on their own without big tax subsidies, are solved these type of fuels will remain a small part of the total energy solution. T Boone Pickens said it right when he said “we need to use every option available to us to wean ourselves off foreign oil.” That includes drilling at home (in the arctic, offshore, etc.), oil from shale technology, clean coal technology, nuclear power plants, wind and solar power, bio fuels, hydrogen and natural gas fuels, etc. I am in total agreement with T Boone Pickens in that our long haul semi-truck fleets should immediately be converted to clean burning and abundant natural gas. To accomplish this will take a lot of bi-partisan agreements and legislation by our Congress and Senate, which sadly to say, will not come easy, if at all.

The Muslim threat is real, part of their 20 year quest to dominate the West. So far, they’re winning, beating us at our own game, by using our own freedoms against us. Europe fortunately is recognizing this threat and is politically moving to the right in seeking a solution to the problem. While America can’t see the forest for the trees and is moving left politically (like Europe did many years ago) and falling right into the trap. Sadly, this last election has determined which direction this country is moving. Our new President, the Marxist Barrack Hussein Obama, who is the most liberal president to ever be elected, will greatly improve the opportunities for our enemies. Obama’s plan to open the borders, reduce the size of the military, devastate the economy by growing the size of government and entitlement programs (and taxing the American people to death to pay for it), and taking away our guns and disarming our nukes, will move this country to a more second rate European socialist style of government. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America….the last one to leave America turn out the lights. [MORE HERE]

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  1. Wow! You do realize that Chaim Ben Pesach a.k.a. Victor Vancier a.k.a. Chaim Ben Yosef is a Kahanist convicted terrorist who staged a series of bomb attacks on US soil, don’t you?

    If not, you need to quickly do some serious research into whose racist memes you’re spreading: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/b/bombs_and_explosives/index.html?query=VANCIER,%20VICTOR&field=per&match=exact

    **********MODERATOR’S RESPONSE**********
    Please provide the documentation of which you speak of Chaim Ben Pesah, aka Victor Vancier. So far I have only seen what appears to be taken from Wikipedia, and that is not a very reliable source. But regardless, if a man does the crime and does his time, who are we to continue to punish him?

    However, I have no disagreement with him being a Kahanist and I do not consider those who are religious separatists “racists,” even if as Wikipedia claims the state of Israel considers them such. The bible, specifically the Old Testament, does support Chaim’s view on Israel, religious separation, and then some. Out of God’s mouth Himself.

    So far, all I’ve seen are quotes from articles based on Wikipedia. But Wikipedia is not known for it’s “truth value,” case in point: they have documentation on their site that says Joseph Farah of World Net Daily is a homosexual, which he is not, and they also have very questionable other so-called “facts” listed as “truth” on their site on other various subjects.

    But regardless, in America, if you serve your punishment you are not supposed to keep being punished for it after you served your time. Especially if a person is no longer committing crimes.

    If Chaim did the crime and served his time (and 10 years is a very long time); he’s paid his dues. So are we to condemn everything he says? Does that mean what he says about Israel and Obama are not true? Because he did a crime and did his time for it? Isn’t there forgiveness with repentance (changing one’s mind and heart)? Of course there is.

    I am not condoning bombings or violence, on the contrary. But I have much bigger problem with those who do the crime, as in our current government or murderers who kill but hire fancy lawyers to prevent them from being punished because they won’t do the time. Those that say they are one thing, but on the inside and behind closed doors are another.

    It would be different if he had not done the time. But he DID.

  2. Wonderful info – Will visit again,,

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