• 2012 Conservative Resistance Movement: #1 We do not acknowledge Barack Husein Obama as President, as he is not a natural US born citizen

Obama is Not My President


2012 Conservative Resistance Movement:

#1)  We do not acknowledge Barack Husein Obama as President of the United States, nor will we refer to him as “president” because he is not a natural born U.S. Citizen, as is REQUIRED BY LAW to hold office of the presidency, therefore he is in breach of the law and not fit to serve this great nation. ]  If he cannot obey the law of the land this poses very BIG problems for our country, a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISES!

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Hey folks don’t you think arguing about “obama policies” is a bit presumptuous?

HE’S NOT EVEN PROVED THAT HE’S A NATURAL BORN U.S. CITIZEN! And the truth is HE CAN’T because he was BORN IN KENYA and he doesn’t have a certificate of LIVE BIRTH for the State of Hawaii, only a “certification” for FILE purposes only and of which would not even allow a person to get a drivers license.

SEE OBAMA’S FORGED BIRTH CERTIFICATION DOCUMENT FOR YOURSELF HERE: https://moniquemonicat.wordpress.com/2009/05/19/httpmoniquemonicatwordpresscomobama-proof-he-was-born-in-kenya-fake-birth-certificate/

ALSO…SIGN THE PETITION TO FORCE OBAMA TO PROVE HE IS A U.S. NATURAL BORN CITIZEN~at the very least it will add your voice to the list:

YES WE CAN Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis | Sign the Petition

America was CONNED – Check out  Freedom March





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  1. I will not acknowledge him , as long as he refuses to prove who he is! No President in History has that many AKA”S!

  2. I will not acknowledge him, he is a fraud and only won because of it!

  3. No proof of birth. No proof of faith. No proof of any “Honorable”friends.

  4. I will respect the OFFICE of The President of the United States of America but I cannot and will not respect the man, Barack H. Obama, who is in that OFFICE!



    Obama Planning U.S. Trials for Guantanamo Detainees

    Oh yah, between THIS and the new ABORTION plan he announced today (that abortions overseas will be funded by Americans); AND that he wants to do hideous experiments on LIVE EMBRYO’S CREATED IN A LABORATORY, not discarded ones [as if THAT is really any better]

    …and the new OBAMA NATIONAL HOLIDAY they’ve got in the works: http://special.cjonline.com/stories/110908/loc_353922770.shtml

    IT’S ON!

    I WILL not and REFUSE to claim this MONSTER as president, my president.

    and not one DIME of mine will go to his ghetto pet projects to spread the wealth around NOR the horrific lab experiments on human life.

    if he wants to pay for this stuff, let him get it from the poor he’s always talking about. I’D TAKE DEATH before I’d submit to that monster.


    There is no question this monster is the antiChrist, move over Hitler, YOUR BROTHER OBAMA IS HERE.

    The prayers of the saints have risen up into the face of God Himself.

    And the wife? i te watcha!!!! Monster #2.


  6. BHO and his totalitarian Thugs will plunge this once great nation into Bondage, Depravity, International Oppression, Poverty, and the Judgement of God.. In fact, the horrors we will experience may be the consequences of the morally corrupted, fat & lazy, dumbed-down materialistic people that many Americans have become, in this Big Media, secular humanist controlled culture.. Maybe it is true, that we get the leaders we deserve.. People, wake up.. repent & pray; our children’s futures and even our lives may depend on it!

  7. Obama…NOT my President…NOT now…..NOT ever!

  8. How can so many Americans be SO stupid?! Obama as President of this soon-to-be-ex-great nations? Further proof of the downturn in public education is right there, folks.

  9. The Conservative Resistance Movement’s Motto:

    “NOT an OUNCE of SLACK for OBAMA!”


  10. The things Obama is planning before he is officially on the Hill is so disgusting. No, he will never be my prez, and the racecard does not work w/ me. He has no life principles at all. Wow. The audacity of hope? Not, it’s the audacity of death.
    I would love to start a major, MAJOR boycott of MSM. Three months of no cable TV would hit them in the pocketbook HARD. Between ACORN and MSM, we now have a commie prez causing abortions in OTHER countries. This is just the beginning of his death. Death to babies in all countries, death to free speech, death to our military. I am afraid for that man, he is so radical that people will revolt. He’s already testing and pushing the barameter way up. He also knows that he is in a sweet position, any opposition and his followers will claim racism. Boycott MSM! who’s with me?! We need MILLIONS

  11. Count me in!

  12. I have no respect for a fraud and a murderer of the inicent unborn, it is time for resistance it is time to awaken the true christian conservatives of this country, draw the line in the sand and choose this day who yo will serve!


  13. He is not my president either. Will anyone really be able to prove that he was born in Kenya and have him declared unfit for the President?
    Would love to know. Have friends that are still crying because he got elected. This US is going down the tube. Going to hellin a handbasket.
    He has got the black population believing that he can do all things and he is their BRO. Hogwash.
    Danglin from Georgia

  14. Wow. You all REALLY believe yourselves, don’t you. Wow. You all take sore loser to heights not even seen after the fraudulent election of G.W. Bush.

    *********** MODERATOR’S COMMENT *************
    Dear Obama cult member,

    We do not discuss Bush here, that was 8 years ago, and we are not partisan, and we don’t care who wins the election as long as they qualify for the presidency, so your argument is mute.

  15. Hmmm…well if you admit his mother was a U.S. Citizen, then he is a U.S. Citizen, regardless of this crap that he was born in Kenya (not true). The Constitution (whihch it appears none of you have read) is clear about who qualifies. Someone whose parent is a citizen is a citizen at birth. Since his mother was, he is. End of discussion. Now get a life.

    ************ MODERATOR’S COMMENT ************

    Response to Obama cult member:

    No, you are incorrect. You’re mixing up being a “U.S. Citizen,” with “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.” BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO.

    To be a natural born citizen you must be born physically in the United States, regardless of your parents. And if you were born in the U.S., you’d have a Certificate of LIVE BIRTH stating you were born in the U.S. This is one of the three requirements for the presidency in the United States: that you are a natural born U.S. citizen. And Obama was not physically born in the United States so he’s not. End of discussion.

  16. I have been boycotting the MSM and Hollywood for 6 months now. I get my news from the internet. And not CBS online etc.

    Do not record shows on your DVR from the major networks either. They look at that to check popularity and other things.

    Stop going to movies that have the liberal actors in them. Only go to movies made by and starring conservatives. (There aren’t many) Just think about all the money you’ll save)

    When Hollywood and the major news channels start losing revenue because advertisers pull their ads, they might get off their high horse and realize the whole country is not like them – nor do they want to be.

    ********** MODERATOR RESPONSE *****************
    YESSSSSS ! YOUR ARE CORRECT. I’ve been doing that as well for the past month. Amazing how much work a person can get done without that distraction as well. And there’s so MUCH MORE TO LIFE than PROGRAMMING us!

  17. I’ve been counting down the days to Dec 5th, let’s all cross our fingers that justice WILL prevail.
    I’m so fed up with trying to deal with a bunch of blind sheep. Wake up idiots! We’re not sore because a Liberal won. But, we are PISSED that an unqualified, fraud has managed to snake his way into the highest position of power in the United States. AND had/still has full media endorsement as he conned his way there.

  18. http://www.worldnetdaily.com has a petition and also will fed-ex letters to the SC Justices before the Donofrio case on Dec. 5.

    I am a member of Democratic-Disaster, a rapidly growing, successful grass-roots movement of Americans dedicated to preserving our Constitutional Republic. We want to insure that the Constitutional requirements to run for President are
    enforced. We are asking for you for your financial help. This is not a partisan issue, it is for the protection of all us that live by, and respect the US Constitution.


    In the 2008 election, much information was hidden or made unavailable to the voters. Senator Obama’s birth, medical, college records, etc., have not been made available to the people. ALL OTHER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES MADE THIS INFORMATION AVAILABLE. You and I have to produce them many times during our lives.

    Instead of producing his records, Mr. Obama has spent many thousands of dollars in legal fees to keep them hidden. WHY? What is his motivation? The Certificate of Live Birth that the Obama Campaign provided as been proved a forgery.
    Factcheck.org filed to examine the original vault copy of Senator Obama’s birth certificate; they only examined an “official copy” of the COLB (not the same as an original vault birth certificate with the hospital and Dr. info). There has been no team of document forensic scientists who examined the original vault birth certificate for authenticity. Senator Obama
    has demanded that no one be allowed to look at this vault birth certificate under penalty of criminal prosecution. The only way to see it is by Court Order.

    The mainstream media has also ignored the numerous legal cases being filed from all over the United States asking Senator Obama to prove his eligibility for the Presidency.

    I joined Democratic Disaster to make sure the Constitution is honored. I hope you feel the same way. Our FIRST project was contacting the Electors in all the states and asking them to join us in a class action suit to determine Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be President. We have had favorable replies. The Electors have standing before the Courts. Funds donated will be used for the forensic scientists and other expenses of the class action. If for some reason, the funds are not needed for that we will apply the funds to our next project to defend the Constitution, or the funds can be returned to you.

    If you agree with our goals, you can make a donation at our website at: http://www.democratic-disaster.com or



    The birth certificate has been certified and positively confirmed by the State of Hawaii as valid. It meets the standards set forth by the State Department for proof of Birth. I repeat, IT MEETS THE STANDARDS SET FORTH BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT FOR PROOF OF BIRTH. Sorry if that isn’t good enough for you.

  20. as i have read and heard, the repub candidate was not a native born citizen either. panama has never been a territory of the us. hawaii has been a state since 1959. obama’s mom was a us citizen just as mccain’s so that does make him a citizen, also. as a child obama had no rights (children do not have rights; they can not sign contracts as i recall). what if he had mixed parents and they named him paul bunyon? would that have made any difference? my 2nd son was born in a us hospital in germany. i had to go to the american embassy in munich and frankfurt for his birth certificate and his passport. my son is an american. so is obama, and so is mccain. this was a legitimate election. obama won 53% of the popular vote and 300+ plus of the electoral college. you know something, the enemy comes after us and sees us in other lands, they don’t distinquish by race. just try speaking, and they find out you are from the us. it does not matter what color you are. they only see you as an american. white, black, red or yellow. obama could have been born in timbuktu, he has an american mom. he’s american.

    *******MODERATOR’S COMMENT*********
    Excellent points about the enemy not distinguishing us by race or color. But the point of contention here is not whether Obama is “American,” it’s one of law, constitutional law. The constitution is very clear: the president MUST be born on American soil, so it doesn’t matter who is “naturalized,” as that is an “acquired” status; natural means natural, not acquired.

  21. another thought. how many of you americans will gladly describe how “german, irish, french, and italian your are, when never having set foot in any of these countries?

    ***********MODERATOR’S COMMENT*************
    Good point! As a matter of fact my dad once heard me say to my friends that I was “Italian,” and he being born there laughed out loud and set me straight right when told me: “you’re not Italian, your AMERICAN.” In fact, he does not even refer to himself as an “Italian American,” simply as “an American.” And he’s right and so are you about that point. And it gets even worse when a person not only has not stepped foot in that country, but THEY DON’T EVEN SPEAK THE LANGUAGE EITHER. The fact is that the terms “Italian-American,” “Mexican American,” “African American,” “Irish American” are all oxymorons, we hold one nationality: American. And the contradiction thickens when we use any of these oxymorons as “race.” I think it’s better to write in “human” on surveys and questionnaires where it asks “race.”

    “OXYMORON” definition: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness) ; broadly : something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements

    However, not sure where it fits in the discussion about whether or not Obama was natural born on American soil. The point is not who is “more American,” or having cultural differences, it’s whether or not a person meets the 3 presidential requirements thus outlined in the constitution, one being they must be a natural born citizen. As for McCain, there are past and present cases in progress that mention the fact that he too was not born on American soil and thus is not a natural born citizen, but I don’t think anyone involved with this issue is disputing that.

  22. It doesn’t even matter if he was born in Hawaii because both of his parents were not US citizens. There is precedence in this case from a case in 1866 United States vs. Rhodes Case No. 16,151. This means that a natural born citizen has to be born in the US and both parents must be US citizens, otherwise the child would have dual citizenship and would be subject to a foreign power.

    United States vs. Rhodes Case No. 16,151

    “That all persons born in the United States, and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States; and such citizens, of every race and color, without regard to any previous condition of slavery,”

    Explanation from John C. Eastman, Ph.D:

    The “subject to the jurisdiction” provision must therefore require something in addition to mere birth on U.S. soil. The language of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, from which the Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment was derived, provides the key to its meaning. The 1866 Act provides: “All persons born in the United States, and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are hereby declared to be citizens of the United States.”[3] As this formulation makes clear, any child born on U.S. soil to parents who were temporary visitors to this country and who, as a result of the foreign citizenship of the child’s par­ents, remained a citizen or subject of the parents’ home country was not entitled to claim the birth­right citizenship provided by the 1866 Act.

  23. All U.S. flags should be flown at half-staff on January 20 and ALL televisions tuned into A & E the entire day.

  24. The time has come for a revolution.

  25. I understand your outrage because you believe Obama is not “natural born”, and many people incorrectly believe that it means born of two US citizens, but it does not. The original pioneers used that definition because all of them had parents born in Europe. This was their way to guarantee the next president would be from one of the original settlers.

    Current case law is as follows:

    The Fourteenth Amendment in the case of United States vs. Wong Kim Ark (169 D. 8. 649) provides that every person born within the territorial limits of the United States, even though his parents be aliens, and of a race the members of which are by law excluded from naturalization, ARE natural-born citizens. Under certain circumstances persons born outside the territorial limits of the United States ARE deemed natural-born citizens, as for example, children of American citizens visiting or traveling abroad. The father must, however, at some time have resided in the United States. Only natural-born citizens are eligible to the offices of President and Vice-President. See Citizenship In The United States; Naturalization, Law of. References: G. W. Garner, Intro, to. Pol. Sci. (1910), ch. xi; F. Van Dyne, Citizenship of U. S. (1904).”

    The SCOTUS has already ruled several times on the definition of “natural born citizen” (PERKINS v. ELG; US v. Wong Kim Ark.)
    “It is without question that a citizen born on US soil is natural born.”

    However, long before that (1844): – The Plaintiff was born in the U.S., while his father was a resident of Canada, and returned to his father’s domicile, with his mother, within a year after his birth. His mother was temporarily there–without any actual change of residence, either on her part or that of his father. It is argued that, at common law, a natural born subject was one whose birth was within the allegiance of the king. (Bac. Ab. tit. Alien, A. Com. Dig. A. and B. 7 to 18. Bl. Com. 336, 74.) The cases of children of ambassadors, born abroad, and of children born on English seas were considered exceptions. Chancellor Kent, in his commentaries, defines a native born citizen to be a person born within, and an alien one born out of, the jurisdiction of the United States. (2 Kent’s Com. 37-50.) In Lynch v. Clarke, (1 Sand. Ch. R. 583,) the question was precisely as here, whether a child born in the city of New York of alien parents, during their temporary sojourn there, was a native born citizen or an alien; and

    THE CONCLUSION WAS: that being born within the dominion and allegiance of the United States, HE WAS A NATIVE BORN CITIZEN, whatever was the situation of the parents at the time of the birth. That case, if [401] law, would seem to be decisive of the present question. So, the law has evolved to “natural born citizen being someone born in the United States (no matter where his parents are from), or someone born abroad to a US citizen (no matter the nationality of the other parent)>

    As to his Hawaiian birth certificate, the state has not given out VAULT certificates in roughly 30 years. They do not as a matter of policy, and nobody can obtain such a copy. We verified this with the State Recorder. Obama could not provide you a copy if he ordered one. The State does not budge.

    The US Code also defines provisions under which foreign born children are “natural born”. You are trying misinterpreting long-understood definitions of natural born citizenship that have since been modified by case law. In today’s world, Any “citizen at birth” is natural born. There is no intermediary classification between natural born and naturalized. You’re either one or the other, or not a US citizen. Nowhere in the Constitution is natural born defined.

    Obama is qualified even if he WAS born in Kenya. Of course he was not as nobody has ever provided one shred of physical evidence that his mama was ever in Kenya. Ask yourself this question: “Why would a pregnant white girl living in Hawaii with her parents visit Kenya during the last stages of the Mau Mau uprising?” She wouldn’t — and didn’t. Especially without her husband who visited Kenya in 1960, but not again until 1965 according to his passport records.

    If Obama was born in Kenya, his mother & father’s marriage in the US was illegal, because his dad was already married with a couple of kids. That marriage is not recognizable by the US. So, Obama was born out of wedlock, and the natural born laws require only 1 year of physical US presence by an unwed mother prior to birth overseas. Don’t believe me? This is from the State Dept. website:

    Birth Abroad Out-of-Wedlock to a U.S. Citizen Mother: “A child born abroad out-of-wedlock to a U.S. citizen mother may acquire U.S. citizenship under Section 301(g) INA, as made applicable by Section 309© INA if the mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of the child’s birth, and if the mother had previously been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year.”

    There are plenty of issues to wrap yourself around in these times, but Barack Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen” is not one of them. The attorneys who barnstorm the country with bogus lawsuits are well aware of this but enjoy the notoriety and the donations. Peace.

  26. I don`t give a damn wether he was born here or not. He has paid millions to hide his pass. WHY? I will tell you why.When somebody tries to hide something about themselves it is not the lies that they try to hide, it the truths they try to hide.Truths about someone one is what hurts them.Obamas pass ,if found out would ruin his carrear in 5 minutes.How any one could tust this lieing,deceitfull person, is simple ignorrant.What a blind fool, you poor ignorrants are.You can bet that the truths about Obama or whatever his name really is ,will come out,and you can bet THE TRUTH WILL SET HIM FREE,(and us too).

  27. The sad thing is is that there are people that actually believe this.
    Move on.

  28. He is your president. You will obey. You will obey, or you will face the consequences.

    ROFL the funny thing is, obeying means PAY TAXES! TRY TO GET A JOB! IF YOU CAN’T, OH WELL! IT’S COOL! You know, business as usual.

    It’s the same way 9/11 didn’t REALLY affect anyone (except emotionally) besides those who were related in some way to someone who died, or lived in NY, or related to someone in the military at that time, or related to someone who got all “patriotic” and joined afterward; that is, until your “fearless leader”, Former President Bush, decided to drag us (well, lead you “conservatives”) into a war that really didn’t need to be fucking fought.

    In other words, 90% of America.

    You want to know the reason America is fucked right now? It’s you. Every one of you that agree with the BS spouted on this page voted for Bush, and don’t you fucking deny it. You were probably pumping your fists at the TV screen when Fox News was showing the tanks rolling towards Baghdad, thinking “this will be over in a week”.

    Bush and you conservatives played right into Osama bin Laden’s hands. He said he was going to hit America where it hurt, which was our wallets, and look what happened. We went to Iraq, and now we’re bleeding money.

    To the conservatives and all those who agree with the propaganda on this page: let someone else take the wheel, because it’s FUCKING OBVIOUS you idiots don’t know what the hell you’re doing with that much power. Fucking idiots, I swear…

    *****moderator reply*************
    Not quite true. A few of us have left the country, so I’m afraid it is YOU who much obey Obama and George Bush. And quite frankly, this is NOT a pro Bush site, as he comes from a line of VERY evil men, specifically his father, illuminist George father Bush. We feel most politicians are as well.

    America is in the state she is in because of greed and not living right, and believing in riches and lies from the world, the fake lying world, as presented on television of which you watch and the poisonous fake music of which you and most Americans listen to. That goes for republicans and democrats and even independents, white, black, red, yellow. Greed and sin has no party and no color. BTW, I threw my set out last year when your president entered the white house. It is poison. So is he.

    I ask you:
    When is the last time you went for a glass of pure, mountain spring water right from a mountain? When is the last time you ate food that was not processed or poisoned with preservatives or fruit or vegetables that were not genetically altered? When is the last time you looked out your window into a beautiful green meadow with cows and goats roaming free grazing in the mountains without fear as God intended? When is the last time you did not spend every single waking hour fantasizing about sex? When is the last time you went a week without getting buzzed? When is the last time you spent one week of your life appreciating beauty and thanking God for His creation? When is the last time you visited the sick? Clothed the naked? Visited someone in prison? Helped anyone but yourself? When is the last time you did not struggle with demons who are choking the life and little bit of love you have left out of your? When is the last time you were forgiven? When is the last time you forgave? When is the last time you taught someone instead of yelling at them with no direction? When is the last time you played with others fairly? When is the last time you went a whole week without telling one single lie, even to yourself? When is the last time you spoke to someone you didn’t agree with and not curse them?

    These are questions we must ask ourselves, keep ourselves in check. Be honest bro, it’s been a long, long time (childhood?), perhaps never. Now man-up and stop sniveling and having a temper tantrum and start living life, help others to make life better, not worse. Some things we cannot change, but some things just need to be said so we do not keep perpetrating a lie even if we cannot change it.

  29. Anyone getting the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing is a fraud, just like the selection committee for it (goes double for you, Al Gore)

  30. We will take back the White House in 2012! http://www.theobamacountdown.com My vote is for Ron Paul. We need someone who will uphold the constitution and restore the value to our money.

  31. I was unfortunately transferred to Santa Fe, NM with my job. What a mistake….I should’ve taken the layoff. I could’ve received unemployment benefits until the apocalypse! I bought a house worth maybe $150,000 for $300,000. It’s now only worth $280K now of course….A group of Mexicans moved in next door. Don’t ask me how they got approved. I bearly could. there are at least eight to ten cars parked in the yard (NO NOT THE DRIVEWAY OR PARKED IN THE STREET….IN THE FRONT YARD!) It seems they have no city trash service, they simply through the trash out the open windows as most of the screens are ripped loose on the $300K house! Did I mention they have two Rotweilers chained up in the Back ankle deep in their own shit! Viva Mexico!!!!! And viva curious George…

  32. To Dear Monique ! I love your Awesome Website ! Thank’s for Your hard work ! And to share all those informations with us ! Amasing and Beautiful ! Great work !Thank You so much for Your Wonderful Website ! GOOD Bless You ! From ” 007flanker ” aka André Groulx ! Bye Bye…..

  33. Dear Monique ! I Love your Awesome Website ! It is very nice of You to share all those Informations with us ! Amazing and Beautiful ! Great Work of Love ! Thank You so much ! GOD Bless You Forever ! ” 007flanker ” AKA André Groulx. Much love to You my Dear Sister! Bye Bye !

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