• Donate to Orly Taitz, Attorney fighting for Americans against usurper Obama


I just donated $50 to Orly Taiz for all her hard work defending Americans and America from Obama.

Attorney Orly Taitz has been fighting for Americans against the forces of evil coming out of the Obamanation of Desolation regime for quite some time.

And folks, I feel in my spirit that she needs our help.

Right now she is in the process of legally validating Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate and she is being met with fierce opposition, both here on earth and in the spirit realm.

Please join me in praying for protection for her from the evil people who are out to destroy her, and that all financial needs will be met necessary for her to continue the legal fight. A fight for us, for Americans who want the U.S. Constitution upheld.

Here is her donation page through PayPal.

I do not know Orly personally nor am I affiliated nor stand to gain financially nor otherwise from posting her donation link.

DONATE HERE:  http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/


Published on August 4, 2009 at 11:33 pm  Comments (10)  

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  1. END OF WORLD:-On the 18th day of July 2010 we will come to the end of the world.at that time,12 noon Jerusalem time,the ALMIGHTY GOD will remove to heaven all those who will be ready in HIM.then the world will see the abomination of desolation spoken of in the book of the prophet Daniel,and the evil king(MASIHI DAJAR)(BARACK(6)HUSSEI(6)N OBAMA(6)-666) will declare himself to be the god of the earth and terrorize it for 42 months during the great tribulation of Daniel 12:1.Then the Lord Jesus Christ will return to earth,DESTROY THE EVIL KING (AND HIS FOLLOWERS AND THOSE WHO WILL RECEIVE HIS MARK ON THEIR FORE-HEADS OR RIGHT HANDS) and establish God’s kingdom on earth.

    Jesus is coming back to earth. every one will see him coming with the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.He is the one who was pierced(Zechariah 12:10).He was wounded for our sins and transgressions(Isaiah52:13-53: 12).It is time to repent of sins,believe in Jesus Christ the Savior,the stone which the builders rejected which is become the Chief Cornerstone and the gateway to everlasting life.

    We are the end time prophets of the God who created heaven and earth,the GOD of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.He has informed us that the end of the world will be coming on the 18th day of July 2010 at 9 am Greenwich meantime.the end will cover three and a half years of great tribulation such as the world has never witnessed. It will commence with the death,resurrection and ascendancy to heaven of God’s 2 end-time prophets and assumption of power by the beast/anti-Christ/666-Barack Hussein Obama and will culminate with the return of Jesus Christ on earth and the
    destruction of all sinners and the eventual casting of their souls to a lake burning will fire and sulfur where they will remain forever and ever.

    When Jesus comes back,he will rule the remnant of the world(almost all will be annihilated) for one thousand years before the final destruction of the globe,but the United states of America will be annihilated very soon within about four and a half years of today.No one will ever live in America again.Those who fear for their lives should actually flee the United States of America immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Before the year 2010 the world will also have terrible
    times of great crime,earthquakes,floods, hurricanes and other natural calamities,civil wars,famines,epidemics etc. God has also started to destroy the United States of America for
    its money worship,sexual immorality,pride,unbelief in the True
    God,abortion,etc.HE is also destroying the Asian countries for
    idolatry,and all other countries will be punished according to their

    The world should prepare to meet the true God through His Son Jesus Christ.



    MWANGI GACHICHIO & RAHAB WANJIKU MWANGI, the 2 end-time prophets of the book of Daniel 12:5-7 and
    Revelation chapter 11 verses 3-15(in the Holy Bible),from Nairobi,Kenya

  2. Stop. She is an “russian” komunist ideologist. She was born in Russia, she is Russia-Israel-USA citizen. She is a RADICAL NATIONAL KOMUNISM suporter.

  3. Dear Coward,

    I say “Coward” because you were too afraid to include your name, so your act becomes you.

    If you want to make a statement, provide some facts to back it up, or at least some reasoning for your opinion, otherwise we cannot discuss it.

    Since you did not, all you did was drop by to spray your scent on a tree and high-tail it outta here.

    We deleted your 2nd comment because it was a duplicate of the first except you used the word “Komunism” (instead of “RADICAL).

    I will say one thing about Orly: she has more balls than you do, and dude, you’re a MAN.

    I don’t care if Orly was born in Russia, my family was not born in America either. America is immigrants. As for her being a “Komunist ideologist,” this is not correct either. Orly would not be fighting so hard for the American constitution and against Obama and his communist regime if she were. Orly has proven to be more of an American patriot than most American-born folks.

    If you were truly against communism you would be speaking out against Obama and his regime yourself.

  4. Please explain why you need money? also try to be legitimate in your efforts to indict a seating president…I see no proof in your case and so many judges cant be wrong either.

  5. Hello Eric,

    No where on this site do I mention needing money.  As stated, the donation and link goes to attorney Orly Taitz’ website only.  Best to direct that question to her, although we both know it is not really a question but rather a derogatory comment since you sound intelligent enough to know why an attorney working on the Obama case for little or no pay would want donations.  Why not just be honest? !!!

    The definition of “proof” is: “evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.”So we have a disagreement on the evidence.  Fair enough.  But that does not prove one way or the other, but thank you for your opinion.  We can agree to disagree on our opinion of the evidence.

    However, your statement “so many judges cant be wrong either,” is not a true statement, and only one of opinion.  I would like to remind you that there are things many American judges have agreed on that we now know were completely wrong, one example was black slavery.  Another one is almost laughable, the fact judges used to allow SMOKING CIGARETTES IN THE COURTROOM.  Even hosptials up until the 1970’s allowed us to smoke in our hospital beds.  So you see that professionals, in this case esteemed judges and doctors, who should know better, didn’t seem to have a lick of sense, let alone good judgment in those 2 examples.  Now, if that judge was God Himself, you’d have a point.  But judges are hardly comparable. 

    Also keep in mind that not one judge has even been presented with all of the facts, only the reasoning why there should be a case.  This is what the judges are in agreence on, and most of that pertains to the cases are being presented in the wrong courts or jurisdiction or presented in a way not to their liking.  Fear of reprisal from Obama is at the core as well.  However, there was one Supreme Court judge who did rule the case had merit but was in the minority.  Since the federal government is in actuality operating outside the constitution, the only proper court might be the Superior Court of Washington DC.

    But none of this matters because Obama held dual citizenship at the time of his birth.  This is not up for debate, it is fact and no one has doubted this from the get-go.  I’ll let you do the research on that one.  One thing for sure is those who hold dual citizenship MUST (not maybe, but “must”) renounce that citizenship in a country that does not allow dual citizenship.  It is a formal court appearance or in the case of the armed forces can be done in their jurisdiction such the many immigrants that did so before going off as soldiers out of the country in WWII. 

    The United States allows dual citizenship NOW, but did not at the time of Obama’s birth and what counts is at the time of birth.

    This may not be important to those born in the United States because they take their citizenship for granted and thus view this issue as silly, but it is not silly and is considered most important to those who are trying to obtain dual citizenship in other countries.  AND ALL OF THEM GO BY WHAT THE LAW WAS AT THE TIME OF THE PERSON’S BIRTH.  IT’S NOT RETROACTIVE JUST BECAUSE THE LAW CHANGED IN THE 1990s.

    As a person who knows about dual citizenship I can assure you it is not something that is taken lightly for any other person except Obama and that spits on the face of any naturalized American and anyone naturalized in a foreign country for that matter. 

  6. July 18th and here we still are.

    I might mention, Obama is still president too.


    Yeah…. whatever.

  7. HAHA

  8. your fucking IDIOT read your fucking old testimate and find out how STUPID you really are.

  9. I cannot believe my eyes and ears! Where was the woman in 2007/2008? This is just a very bottom level (the bottomest of the bottom) attempt to prevent our president from having a second term. These people must be absolutely desperate!
    And, SHE certainly isn’t native born! What an garbled accent!

  10. Religious extremists are usually bigoted, racist fools, as is evidenced by your hatred of our President.

    Perhaps you should read your Bible instead of lording yourself over those you feel are inferior to you, you bigoted, narrow-minded fool. You’re just an American version of the Taliban, and you should be ashamed.

    The fact that this page is frequented by “end of the world” fanatics is more telling than the owner would like, I’m sure. White trash is white trash is white trash.

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