• Dinosaurs in the bible & throughout human civilization

Dinosaurs and the Bible [and throughout human civilization]

Dr. Kent Hovind

Published on May 14, 2009 at 2:45 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Praying that Kent will be home soon, the ‘ones’ who worship Lucifer can not stand the truth! The more ‘they’ persecute the ‘truth’ tellers, the ‘seeds’ do (& will) multiply, evilution is a big hoax, Huxley is not a atheist now, Hitchens, Dawkens are true believers also, little men who mock God and slander Jesus will pay eternally, was Calvin right – to an extent, yes – Just as God created Satan saying it was good does not mean that God created evil.
    How irony, the ‘watchers’ were present when the Lord Created the heavens and the earth , of coarse Satan would try and confound His truth. The days of Noah are here (transhumans), the ‘beast’ is being tested, the ‘boys’ are home from the mid east to – well, we all maybe camping!
    Of coarse the Genesis account is correct, since ‘thats’ correct, it means all of Scripture is truly inspired by God, which also means that this age is wrapping up. Early text of Enoch (& others) should of been part of the canon (they did have the untarnished version) it (Enoch) explains much, the Ge’es (Ethiopian version) seems to be one of the untouched (cleanist) versions. The ‘Scribes and Pharisees’ really got a boost in Scotland centuries ago. We are in very serious times, all that matters now is soul for His Kingdom, He is the perfect Monarch! 2012 promises to be troubling, Jesus tells us to keep looking up! It’s clear (it seems) that a major, major event (mountain 2 C) later this year, naza knows this, so do many others, who’s paying haArp facilities to mess with Gods order, who’s paying to dump non ferrous metals (via aircraft) on us, whats monsanto upto, thank God He warned us of days like these! Hebs. 13:6!

    Kent just made way to much sense, ‘they’ also hate Ken Hamm and all you believe in the truth of a very young Creation, Kent got us stoked, ‘his’ in any way vane!!!!!!!!

    note; all of the above might seem to have no order for the context, nothing further from the truth, we are ‘that’ generation!

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